The Team

The Founders of klieg set out with one goal in mind: How can we create meaningful engagement in the era of social distancing? How do we bring the stars closer to their fans?

Our name holds the clue: “klieg” is a portmanteau of the Filipino word “kilig” (that thrill we get when we see our idols) and “klieg” lights (symbolic of movies and the stage.)

Klieg \ ‘ki leeg \ is the lovechild of the entertainment industry and tech, born in the time of a pandemic. Life as we knew it came to a standstill; gone are the days where we watch our favorite artistas on the big screen, visit their tapings on the set, or attend their live mall shows. The virtual connection was all fans had left.

Here you can find your favorite artistas, celebrities, singers, influencers and content creators under one roof. You can buy a klieg for yourself, surprise a friend, or bring a smile or a tear to a family member who is celebrating a milestone in their life.

Klieg is dedicated to the fans that make the world go round.